Line “A” shutters


Introducing to the Polish market the exclusive line of Italian shutters – line “A”, we decided to offer you one of the best available products of this type on the European market.

Line “A” shutters are a beautiful product with a rounded profile made basing on Italian technology and extremely high quality. Due to the immense popularity of the line “A” shutters, in 2013 we created a separate production line adapted exclusively to produce only this type of shutters. To achieve the best possible quality of manufactured shutters, in the current year we purchased the most modern, computer-controlled equipment to construct this type of shutters.




Currently, the best available on the European market devices provide the highest precision and dimensional stability to the tenth of a millimeter. Shutters produced by Lattari are the result of highly professional production line supported by eminent specialists… and in no way they resemble often encountered cottage handicrafts. The use of cutting-edge production technology of shutters has one very important advantage – it allows a significant reduction in the price of the offered product.


Our products meet all European standards, they are CE marked and we gradually as well as systematically are LOWERING their prices.
In researches conducted at the Institute of Building Technology we received the highest possible evaluation (SEE: full ITB research report)
PICTURES FROM ITB RESEARCH (click enlarges the image)

The line “A” fully reflects the Italian shutters equipping Italian houses, villas and mansions. They ensure trouble-free operation for many years in the absence of the need for annual maintenance. The line “A” and the other shutters of our production are entirely made of high-quality aluminum. As a result, these shutters are extremely durable and weather resistance counted in decades. In addition, the latest technology of coating paint (Qualicoat certified) makes that we give a 10 – year warranty for the quality of the paint and color.

Italian shutters in addition to the undoubted visual effects has an important factor in protecting the interior from adverse weather conditions such as wind and blizzards. They also have an important factor hindering the entry of intruders into the house – the specific design of the slats closely adjacent to each other, makes it difficult to undermining and breaking; also fittings, hinges and fasteners dramatically increase security. With full determination, you can also say that our shutters significantly increase the energy profile of buildings.

All profiles needed for production of line “A” shutters are manufactured for us in Italy for individual order and brought to Poland by our own transport, which also has a significant impact on maintaining a stable final price.

Also, any accessories such as door handles, fittings, hinges are imported directly from Italy from the best manufacturers. Any additional elements, like the shutters themselves are covered by a 10 year warranty.

Line “A” shutters are produced in two system variants:

  • Line “A” with moving louvres – allowing to control the inflow of light into the room;
  • Line “A” with fixed louvres – louvres are mounted permanently (without the possibility of regulating the flow of


Line “A” shutters are available as:

  • Shutters in the frame with a collar that gives a full finish, after the installation of the window glyph on the elevation side;
  • Shutters without a frame – to be mounted on the hidden hinges attached to the studs in the wall.

All versions of Line “A” shutters have the possibility of opening – to 4 wings (2 + 2).

Available colors: