BluEvolution: 82 – AD

Descriptive diagram:


  • 1 rebate
    A large drainage chamber. Glazing rebate with a depth of 3 mm finished with sloped external water drain in the frame and sash
  • 2 Dimensions
    Frame: 82 mm
    Mullion: 82 mm
    Sash: 82 mm
  • 3 rebates
    The height of a rebate: outside 27 mm, inside 20 mm
    The width of a rebate: outside 16 mm, inside 15.5 mm
  • 4 Shapes of rebates
    All external rebates are inclined at an angle of 14 °
    The internal sash rebate is straight
    Glazing bead is inclined at an angle of 14 °
  • 5 wall thickness
    the outer walls of the main profiles embossed according to RAL-GZ 716/1, part 1 and 7
    inner walls embossed in accordance with the design requirements
  • 6 seals
    Welded, made with TPE middle and inner rebate seals and outer pane seals
    Seals in glazing beads with TPE
    The height of the pane seal 4mm
    The height of the outer seal 4mm, internal – 4.5 mm
  • 7 Reinforcements
    Galvanized steel profiles according to RAL RG 716/1, part 3
  • 8 Glazing
    All packages available on the market with glazed insulating, heat-insulating, acoustic and antiburglar insulating, with a thickness up to 52 mm
  • 9 Drainage / Vents
    Implemented through separate chambers of a large size, from the front to the down of the profile
  • 10 Fittings we use
    ROTO – NT
  • 11 Profiles processing
    Frame and sash (welded corners) joined by welding.
    The transom and mullions connected mechanically or welded.
  • 12 Profiles construction
    six-chamber system in frames and sashes
    five-chamber system in mullions
  • 13 colors
    White homogeneous through-colored
    Dyed with the outer and inner surface covered with the standard decorative foil
    Custom decorative foils on request
    Other coating in accordance with RAL on request