Shutters in Polish architecture
Shutters have a centuries-old tradition in Polish culture. Centuries ago shutters not only were mounted on the facades of Polish magnates palaces, decorated the facades of noble manors, but also they added a unique charm to rural huts.

Aluminium Shutters – history
The beautiful tradition of decorating the property and houses with shutters survived for decades until the post-war period when the picturesque residences and colorful peasant hut were replaced by the blocky housing estates made from pre-fabricated, pre-stressed concrete. The harsh reality was deprived of sophisticated beauty in architecture. The characteristic theme of a country manor decorated with fascinating wooden shutters in a huge range of colors and designs was replaced by the cube in an endless range of gray. Then it was impossible to decorate housing estates and skyscrapers made from pre-fabricated, pre-stressed concrete with shutters.

Single-family houses have also adopted a shape of a block completely deprived of style and good taste. In the opinion of their owners, shutters simply did not fit. Besides, they were associated unambiguously with the pre-war capitalism, at the mere mention of which, you could hear the clink of a prison key …

Aluminium Shutters – history
It is also forgotten that the shutters had not only aesthetic functions. They were protective element from excessive sunlight, wind … but were also a solid protective barrier against intruders. During the post-war period shutters were replaced by the rough grilles and later partially by the roller shutters. Fortunately, in recent years there has been a return to the tradition of installing shutters thanks to which the building facades become more charming and stylish. Old houses regain the spirit of ancestors and the newly built houses and residences proudly display their elegance and sophisticated taste.