Interior doors placed in niches of the walls are the obvious boundary between the rooms, and at the same time protect against noise and help maintain suitable temperatures for a specific area. In addition, in most rooms – especially in houses and apartments, the doors are an important decorative element. Choosing the appropriate models of doors, the biggest attention is paid to their quality, reliability and the material from which they are made. They are solid internal doors for years.

Interior doors should be solid, resistant to a variety of mechanical damage and permanent. That is why the ideal material which should be used to their production is cold aluminum. This is an extremely durable material, resistant and over the years keeps a nice look. In addition, a door made of cold aluminum are very easy both in use and to install.


Therefore, choose the perfect door for yourself!

If you want the interior doors made of aluminum to serve you for years they should also be appropriately selected and adapted to the specifics of the room. An important issue is their design. The most common are of course single door. However, more and more willingly customers choose to include other options, such as selecting asymmetrical door with unusual width. An interesting solution may also be sliding doors – single or multi-track which are not only very modern, but also comfortable. They can be used both in dwelling houses as well as offices, hotels and shops.

Choosing the appropriate model of the door made of cold aluminum also depends on the room. The purpose of the door should be taken into consideration – e


Elegance and functionality

Interior doors made of cold aluminum which we offer are a combination of elegance and functionality. The multitude of models with their different application, appearance, and even the shape make that everyone has a chance to choose something perfect for themselves!
The design of the door, both normal and sliding, is extremely stable. Aluminium makes that doors are very light, and at the same time they ensure good acoustic insulation. They are very easy to clean, they do not require additional maintenance and are resistant to mechanical damage.
Not without significance is also aesthetic – aluminum is the material which now enjoys great popularity mostly for the sake of its universalism. The elements made of this material will look great in every modern room and will perfectly match the space. And thanks to the multitude of various models, systems and methods of finishing, everyone will find exactly the door they need!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!