Strong, beautiful, eco-friendly window sills of exceptional quality which can also save your money – now in our offer!

Window sills offered by us are characterized by the highest ​​quality and utility values:


  • Accessories in exactly the same color
  • matt surface
  • gloss surface
  • a wide variety of decoration


  • impact resistance
  • wear resistance
  • scratch resistance
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • fade resistance and the effects of UV radiation

Ease of use

  • resistance to chemicals
  • lack of micropores



See what our window sills are characterized by:

Excellent layer resistance

The base of the window sill is coated with a unique Elesgo acrylic foil, production of DTS (Germany).



The surface resists scratches with the strength of 2-5 N. The same foil is used for floor coatings.


Abrasibility of various surfaces, 150 rpm.


Thermal resistance


Schedule visually shows how surfaces react to heat. Regular PVC foils with a sudden heating are immediately destroyed.

However, the acrylic surface can withstand heating up to 150 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

UV Resistance


Direct sunlight has negative impact on the surfaces of various materials.

Unique window sill coating is able to withstand UV rays for 70 years! It is proved by the research carried out in a special chamber of accelerated aging. Indeed, providing the correct use of such window sills, they retain their beauty up to 70 years!

The strength of the base



Aesthetics: for any demanding taste

Very wide selection of textures and finishes



Rich accessories

A nice finished look is important for each system.

That’s why the system configuration of window sills is designed with maximum consideration of possibilities.

They are a decorative overlay for the decoration of the intersection of the window sill made from the fade-resistant material in the accurate decor color and special parts to the connection of window sills for the longitudinal connection (180°) and the window openings in the bay windows at an angle of 90 °, 135 ° and 150 °.


Easy to maintain

Ease in everything!

The less care needs the purchased item, the more attractive it is for us. Window sill is extremely easy to use.


advantage of its surface is a lack of micropores. “Soaked in dust”, “blurred area”, “gray raid” – all left in the past! Perfectly flat surface retain its appearance for a long time and will not need special efforts during the washing.


Why you should choose them