Millenium Plus System


Door system with thermal break of the sash structural thickness of 70 mm perfect for commercial premises and public buildings as well as single-family housing.

It has a high insulating capability of heat transfer coefficient Uf from 1.5 W / m2K. This system allows you to achieve optimum thermal insulation, and the possibility of using thick glazing provides maximum sound insulation.

It is possible to use the hinges of high strength (surface or reinforced cogging) which are able to hold the sash of a maximum weight of 220 kg. There is also the possibility of using concealed hinges for maximum dimensions and weight of sashes: height of 2700 mm, width of 1500 mm and weight of 120 kg.

This system can be used as an emergency exit equipped with an anti-panic device in accordance with the standards EN179 EN1125.


  • Sound insulation

    Maximum glazing thickness: 54 mm
    Max. acoustic insulation Rw = 38 dB

  • Heat transfer coefficient

    Uw from 1.0 (W / m².K)
    Check the type, size and glazing

  • Types of sashes

    Inward opening: 
    Side hung open with one and two sashes

    Open to the outside: 
    Side hung open with one and two sashes

    Millennium Plus

  • Sections / Profile thickness

    architrave 70 mm
    sash 70mm

    Door 2.0 mm
    The width of thermal break 24 mm

  • Categories obtained on research

    The air permeability
    (EN 12207:2000): Class 4

    Water resistance
    (EN 12208:2000): Class 6A

    Resistance to wind load
    (EN 12210:2000): Class C4

    Tests with regards to the single-leaf door of 1,20 x 2,30 m

    Resistance to the impact of soft bodies
    Research carried out on the basis of EN 13049: 2003 Class 5 (max)

    Tests with regards to the double door of 1,80 x 2,20 m

    Laminated pane 3 3

    Resistance to the repeated opening and closing
    Research carried out on the basis of standards EN 1191: 2000
    500,000 cycles

    With respect to the single-leaf door 0.935 x 2.10 m

  • Maximum dimensions and weight /sash


    Width (L) = 1.800 mm
    Height (H) = 3.000 mm
    * Single-leaf door side hung open

    Width (L) = 1.500 mm
    Height (H) = 2.700 mm
    * Single-leaf door side hung open with concealed hinges

    Maximum weight / sash 220 kg
    120 kg (concealed hinges)

    Please consult the maximum dimensions and weight for other types.

  • Finishes

    Two-color option
    RAL Varnishing (dripping, rough)
    Varnishing – wood imitation
    Antibacterial varnishing